Perfect business team for today to build future

Herein at Smart Innovates (SIN), the Design team consists of Designers, developers, Content Strategists and Researchers, all embedded in different product teams under the same brand. As the company has grown, the Design Team has also expanded very quickly, with new people regularly joining the team as new roles are created.

As a connected team, we aim to deliver a consistent experience across all of our products, while also providing space for each team to innovate. Over time, however, it’s become increasingly difficult for us to follow and keep track of each other’s work, and ultimately come together as a team.

We set out to tackle this challenge to gather by designing a collaborative and unified approach that could be shared by the whole team. In this post, we focus on the method we used to arrive at the current Graphic design framework rather than describing the framework itself.

How we build the future?

The future can be planed from today to growth up our ability;


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