Web Design Tips & Tricks

Details is the core

The advantage of web site design, from alignment and bolding to contrast and color, can make or break the design and convert it by significant improvements to amazing site . Taking care of the details before your project is published will ensure the page has a clean overall feel. Unorganized design and lack of attention to detail can leave a site design looking unprofessional and even jarring. Before you start your next project think about all the little things and how they can pull your project together.

Top 10 Features shall be used

  1. The typographic scale
  2. Using bootstrap frame work.
  3. Selection of proper images.
  4. Choosing color scheme.
  5. Decision of proper font-face.
  6. Icon font face for the purpose of the site.
  7. Visual hierarchy for aesthetics and site purpose.
  8. First impression items.
  9. Inspiration by feeding your eyes.
  10. Uniqueness trend of the item

Top 10 Mistakes to be avoided

  1.  Improper Use of Template
  2. Using Default Bootstrap Look
  3. Typography Contrast Issues
  4. Using Dark Backgrounds
  5.  Multiple Equal Calls to Action
  6. Alignment and Spacing Problems
  7. Unprofessional Copy
  8. Readability Issues
  9. Inconsistency
  10. Off-trend Design

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